Power Tech YM15SWA3R Multi-Use Stainless Propeller fits 9.9-15 HP Yamaha Outboard Motors...
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PowerTech SWA Stainless Propeller Fits 9.9-15 HP Yamaha Outboard Motors...

The SWA is an all-purpose, semi-weedless prop for smaller motors. It is easy to achieve target RPM's and does not load the motor as easily as the SRT prop. This prop runs best fully submerged. The 4 blade version has better grip.

Thru Hub Exhaust
8 Tooth Spline
Rubber Hub Bushing

9.9 HP '84~
9.9 HP (Four Stroke) '00-'07
15 HP '84~
15 HP (Four Stroke) '00~
F20 HP (Four Stroke)