Acme 1161 Propeller 4 Blade 13.5 x 16 LH 1 1/8" Bore .135 Cup


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Acme 1161 Propeller 4 Blade 13.5 x 16 LH 1 1/8 Bore

Acme 1161 Propeller 4 Blade 13.5 x 16 LH 1 1/8" Bore .135 Cup

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Acme 1161 Propeller 4 Blade 13.5 x 16 LH 1 1/8" Bore .135 Cup

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Acme Marine is renewing expectations of inboard propeller buyers everywhere. All Acme Propellers are engineered, manufactured, inspected and shipped directly from Acme's U.S. facilities. Acme's CNC process provides the most accurate method for consistently producing propellers to the correct diameter, pitch and cup, etc.. Through this process, Acme can “dial-in” to make incremental changes in any or all of these elements, which enables the development of an optimum propeller for each specific make and model of boat. Why spend time and money reworking or returning problematic propellers? Many buyers are switching to Acme and are seeing their propeller return rates drop from whole numbers to decimals. In addition, boats using Acme Propellers are breaking out of their old envelopes and discovering their true performance potential – directly out of an Acme box. There has never been a Wake or Ski Boat Propeller like it before! Precision machined propellers by Acme have revolutionized the propeller manufacturing industry. All Acme Propellers are cast in our own North American foundry and 100% CNC machined in one of our two QS-9000 manufacturing facilities.Computer Numerically Controlled milling machines provide an extremely accurate and consistent means for removing metal. This method of production, relative to hand-finished, translates into Acme Propeller perfection, and the elimination of one big variable in boat performance.We have many sizes in stock. Contact us to see if we have the perfect propeller for your boat and application. Key Benefits: 100% CNC ACCURACY & CONSISTENCY REVOLUTIONARY PERFORMANCE EXCEPTIONALLY SMOOTH OPERATION 100% MADE IN THE U.S.A.
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