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Acme Traditional Prop Puller Kit 5999 For 16" - 18" Props

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Our Traditional Weekend Saver Kit is available in two options: shaft sizes from 1" to 1 1/8" (#4999) and from 1" to 1 1/4" (#5999). Our kits include a carry case for your ACME spare propeller, wrench, needle-nose pliers, c-clamp, cotter pin, key, and nut. Prop is not included.

Our #5999 kit fits propellers with a 16" diameter and smaller. Our #5999 kit fits propellers with 16" diameter to 18" diameter.

Please note for the #5999 kit: There are two possible prop nut options for 1 1/4" shaft sizes on inboard wake/ski boats (e.g. 2015 and newer Malibu, Axis, Centurion, Supreme, Tige, ATX) might have a 3/4-10 thread size instead of the standard 7/8-9 thread size. If your wake/ski boat has a 1 1/4" shaft, it is important to verify. You may need the 1 1/4" Special Nut Kit (#5266MAL), or the non-standard nut, part #5003.

Traditional Puller Kit 1 1/4" (kit only, no prop, 16" diameter to 18" diameter)

Do not let a damaged propeller stop your weekend of fun. The Acme prop puller kit has everything you need to get your damaged prop on and off your boat. The kit also includes a storage area for your new or damaged prop.


• The traditional (C clamp) style puller

• Cotter pin

• Nylock nut

• Key

• Wrench

• Pliers

• Heavy duty carrying case with a protective pocket for a spare prop

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