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Hi JT,

I don’t have a Facebook or Google account to give you a 5 star review, but I would like to let you know how much I appreciate your company’s work ethic and total customer commitment. I needed a prop for my bay boat and had no idea who to go to for a prop. I searched and found your company and read some of your reviews. I no doubt found the right place. I emailed some inquiries one night and Robert responded the next morning before 8:00 am. That’s nearly unheard of these days. Robert hooked me up with the correct prop, I got it in a couple of days and I’m ready to go fishing. I sent my old prop in for repair and you repaired it for a great price.
I will highly recommend your company to all my friends with boats and let them know how great your service is.
Thanks again and let Robert know I appreciate his help.

Best Regards,



Nettle Props is exceptional to work with. J.T. is all about great service and making sure you get what you need. I have used Nettle Props every time I have needed a prop for my Barefoot Nautique and Nettle knows exactly what I need. Nettle also keeps excellent records to track previous orders and immediately pulls past order history, including shipping information. Highly recommended by ACME props and, if you want a hassle free customer experience by a company that truly cares about the customer experience, then Nettle Props is where to go. I am pleased to give them my highest recommendation.



Thanks for all your help in selecting the right prop for my Shamrock.
The right prop has made the world of difference in both RPMs and overall speed in this old girl.
Buying from you and your company has an amazing experience both in cost and customer service.
“Staying deep “ so I don’t have to call next week, but will be spreading the word about Nettle Props.
Again. ACME 913
Thank you


A very happy customer from the Netherlands writes:
"I am very happy, this afternoon my ACME 540 propeller has arrived. It has arrived and in good conditions and it is a surprise to open the box. I thank you very much JT for the surprise inside the box, 2 t-shirts a nice key ring and cotterpins. Thank you very much JT for your services, nice doing business with you. I can't wait to assemble the prop to my boat and do the first test ride.
Hereby I send you 2 pictures from a happy customer. When my new prop is assembled and I have tested I send you some more pictures and feedback. My recommendations for nettle props on Facebook will follow as soon as possible.

JT I thank you very much and I will recommend all dutchies BUY AT NETTLE PROPS."


Just wanted to pass on a great experience I had today with

Being the cheap bastard that I am, I was shopping for a propeller and was looking for not just a good deal, but a great deal. I emailed wakemakers and get an email back that there were absolutely unable to lower their sale pricing or give a coupon code for being a forum member of either this forum or mastercraft team talk, or any other forum.

So I gave a call to nettleprops. They were super nice, super knowledgeable and were very comfortable beating the wakemakers sale price, and like wakemakers include free shipping.

Just thought I would tell folks to give them a try, or ask if anyone else has tried nettleprops before. What they said is they are a small operation out of Austin, Texas. They said positive things about wakemakers as their competition, but said they are always happy to beat them.
Good Morning,
Several months ago I purchased a 4 blade Power Tech Prop(12 pitch) for my 13' Boston Whaler powered by a 40hp 4 stroke Mercury. As we discussed the whole shot was terrible and the boat would barely plane with 4 people. I just had the opportunity to run the boat yesterday with 4 people. The PT Prop you recommended completely transformed the performance of the boat. It planes like a two stroke with 4 people and with a light load is within a mile an hour of the standard prop.
Bill, From Florida

2008 Mobius LSV


I just ordered a prop with Nettle props, and got an email confirmation as soon as I placed the order. I noticed "awaiting payment" on the order. No big deal. I waited a couple of hours and the status didn't change. They're only open till noon today and it's now around 3 p.m.

Great now I've got to wait until Monday to find out what's going on. I emailed their sales department with my problem. The phone rang an hour later. I noticed a Texas area code.

It was a JT Nettle. He answered my question and my concerns were dealt with.

Hats off to Nettle props for taking time out of their personal life to deal with a very minor customer issue. This is sure a refreshing change from what I typically deal with.

Only problem is that I was hoping they might ship out the prop today and I might get it by Tuesday. It'll be a few days later now. Lesson learned: Always have a spare prop handy.


Hey JT

I wanted to let you know that my 14.5 x 19 prop came on Friday and I installed it on Sunday and took it for a test run. I was running the Michigan Wheel Vortex 14x20 aluminum and went through 2 of them last summer so decided to go SS and what a good decision it was. I have a 2003 Chap 200SSI with at 220HP Merc. I typically have 6 to 8 people in my boat with gear and we do lots of wakeboarding and tubing. On a good day with me in the boat, good water and ¼ tank of gas (30 gallon tank) I could get 51 solid on the speedometer. With the boat loaded it would typically take 10 seconds or so to get on plane. The first thing I noticed about the new SS prop was that it weight at least twice as much as the aluminum prop. My initial feeling with myself about 200lbs of kids and 20 Gallons of gas is it blasted me onto plane in about 3 seconds out of the hole. We were cruzing at 3100 rpm totally trimmed out at 35-37 mph. My top speed at WOT was about 48- 49 solid. I lost about 2-3 mph top speed but the cursing efficiency and the hole shot will pay for the prop in a season if you look at fuel consumption etc. It was great working with you and this prop is defiantly going to pay for itself. By the way I went through 2 aluminum props last summer at $130 each ($260) at it would cost $70 each to get them fixed. With the hub kit and shipping I was under $400 to the door so you do the math on payback as it is a no Brainer. I will keep one of the aluminum props as is for a spare. Feel free to use this on your testimonial page if you would like. I also like supporting smaller businesses when possible. You prices are competitive and your service was excellent! Good luck and I will send as many people your way as I can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




Hey JT,

Just wanted to let you know that our "gift" arrived today. I have only opened one box so far but all i can say is that the prop looks fantastic, can't wait to put it on the boat. Thanks so much for the way you do business, you have made it so easy at this end i will have no problem recomending you to more of my friends, am happy to be your advertisment here in Australia. On the same token if you have someone from Australia looking at buying from you and you want to pass on my details as a reference i would be more then happy to help.

Thanks again and i look forward to getting many nice passes out of these new Props.

Cheers for now,


Sometimes when you find a place that has incredible customer service I think its worth sharing the experience.

Last week I was calling prop places around the country to see if anyone would swap out an almost new (less than 5 hours) acme 653 prop for a acme 911 prop. I was willing to pay a little to make up the difference between almost new to new. Or was looking for someone willing to give me a trade in value. I called a half dozen places who more or less said I got nothing for you.

Then I called Nettle Props in Austin, Tx. I chose them to call because they had the cheapest price I could find on the internet for new acme props. JT Nettle answered the phone and I gave him my sales pitch. I explained that I had two 653 props, one like new, and one that needed some work done on it. I explained that I really needed a 911 prop though. He explained that I should send in the 653 that needed some work done on it and he would tune it up to factory spec and then put in on the "block" for the 911 prop and essentially turn it into a 911 prop (the 653 is a 11.5 pitch and the 911 a 10.5 pitch... otherwise the same specs). We talked about the options for a good ten minutes on the phone and he told me all about the family business and how many props they repair in any given day there. He took pride in his work and mentioned that in the busy season they will fix 30 or 40 props a day. I figured he had the experience to do the job!!!

He even offered to only charge me for either the prop tune up or the re-pitching but not both.

So I sent it to him UPS last week and I get a call from JT yesterday saying my prop arrived and he had it all finished and back in the mail in one day. He said it looks as good as a new 911 prop.

The cost was way less than I expected it to be and even with the shipping.

I will get the prop in the next few days and can't wait to try it out. JT told me if I don't like it to send it back and he will do whatever needs to be done to make it of charge.

Its hard to find great customer service now days. These guys are impressive. I went back and checked out their website tonight and this is their mission statement on the top of the front page.

" Welcome to Nettle Props. Our company is a little different from most propeller sites because we would rather lose a sale than let you buy the wrong product. Marine propellers and drives are our only business. Based in Austin,Texas our family owned business has been in the same location for thirty nine years. Our mission statement is and always has been to treat our customers fair, furnish a superb product and offer excellent prices. Please contact us if you need any help selecting your new propeller or rebuilding your current prop."

I would say they are living up to their mission statement in every way.

Anyway thanks for letting me share.....



JT wanted to give you some feedback on the props I bought from you a couple of weeks ago to go on my Parker 2520......You and PowerTech nailed it. We can swing the 4 blades up to 6000 (which is where we should be on the F150s) and we picked up as much as 3mph at certain RPMs. Under 4500rpms the 4 blades are better hands down over 4500 and its a wash. I know you were concerned about hole shot and if the props needed to be ported...well all I can say is you better be holding on when you get on it. Thanks for your help I will be commenting on my prop change on, I will definitely put in a good word for Nettle Props and your customer service. Don't be surprised if you have a few more Parker owners giving you a call.

Thanks for your help.
Jason Jansky


Just a side note JT - I chose you partially due to lower price, but mainly because you have been so nice and actually seem to care about your customer's having a good experience and being happy working with the vendor. I am comfortable that should any after purchase needs come up, you will be there for me. I think I mentioned how your Dallas competitor has really gone down hill in customer satisfaction since the original owner sold it. I knew him and bought from him multiple times because he was fair and friendly. Current folks there now are "list price and take it or leave it" attitude. So I think you have a market you could tap more here in Dallas area. Feel free to use me as a reference if the opportunity ever arises.

Thanks again and have great weekend.



I'm very happy with my PowerTech prop from

A big advantage that swayed me is the cushion lock hub. I suspected my MC hub was slipping and even if it wasn't the day was coming when the hub was going to let me down. The cushion lock hub has replaceable drive shear pins in the hub. Everyone told me replacing the rubber MC hub was iffy with no guarantee.

The new SS prop shifts into gear much much softer with no sigh of cavitation under way. I miscalculated the pitch and JT exchanged it for another one.
JT Nettle worked with me through email every step of the way



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