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Leaking Pontoons

Engine Maintenance is very important; but, with a Pontoon Boat, there are many other issues to consider. One area that is often overlooked is small leaks in the pontoons.  You don't necessarily have to hit a submerged stump, log or other object in the water to cause a leak in your pontoons. Just general use will often cause small leaks.

Pontoons that have water in them will increase the weight of your boat and put an extra load on your engine causing reduced performance and  increased fuel consumption.It is a good idea to have your pontoons check every couple of years.  If you notice that one pontoon sits lower in the water than the other pontoon, you can be sure there is water in that pontoon that needs to be removed.

Locating and fixing leaking pontoons takes specialized equipment and needs to be done by a service company.  Specialized aluminum welding techniques will be required to weld the specific area/areas on the pontoon that are leaking.

Nettle Props is equipped to remove the water and repair any damage to your pontoons with specialty welding equipment and experienced technicians. 

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